That's a Wrap!

It's hard to determine what exactly I'm feeling in this moment.

On one hand, I'm extremely happy to finally be done with school. All those sleepless nights of studying and paper writing, the 14 hour days on set, and the 14 hour nights in the editing room. You would have to be crazy to put yourself through this willingly, wouldn't you?

Well, I'm not so sure. Because although I'm happy to say I have my bachelor of motion picture arts degree, my heart feels heavy. The last 4 years of my life have been without a doubt the most intense and rewarding and all of the people I have met have made it made an impact in my life that I can't even describe with words. Those long days on set were actually fun. I'll never forget the millions of in-jokes we created, from Nelson's stupid "Nope," to Ratboy Genius and Jimmy Nutrin to the endless Tthew bombs we devised when we should have been doing work. And how about the movies we made? Not only did I have a blast doing them, but I get to walk away saying I worked on these fantastic films with these fantastic people. Caulder's View, Endless, ShareShed, Epic Quest, Intercession, Community Service, Bomb Voyage, Dispossessed, MINI 1 and everything in-between. 

I don't want to name any names but to all the people that supported me and helped me improve as a person and a filmmaker, you have my eternal gratitude. 

So in the end, I feel better knowing that we're not saying goodbye, but rather just see ya soon. The bonds that we have created will go well past the Bosa Center and will hopefully extend throughout the entirety of our careers. Because after all;

We like making movies.